Books, Newspapers, Pamphlets

Appleton CityMissouri 1870-1970 Centennial, Allen and Yoss, ThePrintery,Clinton, Missouri, 1970.

Bates County Court, Minutes and Records – 1899-1903.

Bates CountyDemocrat, Vol 67, 1936.

Bates CountySesquicentennial, 1841-1991, Butler, MO, 1991.

Belton Star Herald, Belton, Missouri, November 20, 1947.

Cass County Commission, Contract specification for Cass County Courthouse, 1896.

TheCassCounty Democrat, Harrisonville, MO.December 28, 1933, June 25, 1936.

The CassCounty Democrat Missourian, June 10, 1943, August 31, 1950.

CassCounty Families, CassCounty Historical Society, Inc., Harrisonville, Missouri, 1976.

City Directory, Kansas City, Missouri, 1889-91.

Drexel: The First100 Years, Vol. 1,Drexel Centennial Committee, Drexel, MO.1989.

Echoes of Home, Vol. 1. Norma R. Middleton, ThePleasant Hill Times, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, 1988.

The First Hundred Years, Belton, Missouri 1872-1972, Belton Community Projects, Inc., Belton Star-Herald, 1972.

The Geology of Vernon County, by F.C. Green and W.F. Pond, Vol.XIX, Missouri Bureau of Geology and Mines, 1926.

Harrisonville, Missouri: An Architectural Survey,  Kansas City, Missouri: Architectural and Art Historical Research, July, 1995.

History and Directory of Cass County, Missouri, TheCassCounty Leader, Harrisonville, Missouri, 1908.

History of Creighton, Missouri”  ABicentennialTown 1885-1976, The Printery,Clinton, Missouri, 1976.

History of Cass and BatesCounty, National HistoricalCo., 1883.

History of Cass and BatesCounty, National HistoricalCo., 1918.

History of Henry and St. Clair Counties Missouri, National HistoricalCo., 1883.

History of Johnson County, Missouri, by Ewing Cockrell,

Historical Publishing Company, Topeka, Cleveland, 1918.

History of Mulberry, 1843-1985, by Fern M. Glassmire.

History of Rockville, Bates County, Missouri and Surrounding Area, by Joe Wesley Robinson.

History of St. Clair County, Missouri, National HistoricalCo., 1883.

History of St. Peter’s 1871-1971, Harrisonville, Mo. Church publication.

The History of Vernon County, Mo. Edited by J.B. Johnson.
Pub.C.F. Cooper & Co. Chicago, 1911.

The Houses That Sears Built, Rosemary Thornton, Gentle Beam Publications, Alton, Illinois, 2002.

Hume - Coal, Corn & Cattle, 1880-1980.

It All Started With A Tornado, by Wilbur A. Zink, Leathers Publishing, Leawood, Ks. 2004.

Kansas CityMissouri, Its History and Its People 1800-1908, by Carrie Westlake Whitney, Vol. 111, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1908.

The Marble and Granite Workers’ Guide, by Frank M. Nichols, Chicago.

A Peculiar Heritage 1868-1968, Grace Elizabeth Taylor, Democrat Publishing Co, Clinton, Missouri, 1968.

Pictorial History of Cass County, Mo., published by Cass County Democrat-Missourian, 1992.

Plat Book of Bates County, Missouri, by Northwest Publishing Co., 1895.

Plat Book of Bates County, Missouri, by A.R. Stinson, 1910.

The Pleasant Hill Times, Pleasant Hill, MO.December 16, 1910.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Johnson and Pettis Counties, Missouri.

The Quarrying Industry of Missouri, Vol. 11, 2nd Series, by E.R. Buckley and H.A. Buehler, Tribune Printing Company, Jefferson City, Missouri, 1904.

QuasquicentennialAppletonCity Sketch Book, 1870-1995.

Standard Atlas of Bates County, Missouri, by Brock & Co.,Chicago, 1928.

The State of Missouri, an autobiography, by Walter Williams, Press of W.W. Stephens, Columbia, Missouri, 1904.

Through The Ages, National Association of Marble Dealers, 1924-1931, Baltimore.



Edward & Becky Anderson, Cass County, Missouri

Pam Anderson, Drexel, Missouri

Neal Alkire, Butler,Missouri

Grace Bartz, Rockville, Missouri

Charles Bauer,Appleton City, Missouri

Randy Bell, Rich Hill, Missouri

Vickie Bishop,Tucson, Arizona

Zoe Nichols Bishop, Tucson, Arizona

Patrick Brophy, Nevada, Missouri

Erin Cordray, Deepwater, Missouri

ZellaDoane, Butler, Missouri

Ken Fowler, Altona, Missouri

Donna Gilkeson, Harrisonville, Missouri

Josh Hammer, Passaic, Missouri

Michelle Hansford, Carthage, Missouri

Charles Hight, Jr.

Helen Hill, Butler, Missouri

Rick Hill, Ballard, Missouri

Jeanne Hoagland, Schell City, Missouri

Trip Johnson, Kansas City, Missouri

Carol Jones, Greenwood, Missouri

Helen Kling, Butler, Missouri

William Letchco, Butler, Missouri

Chet & Carla Merriam, Ballard, Missouri

C.A. Moore, Butler, Missouri

Bob Nelson, St. Joseph, Missouri

Bea Page, Butler, Missouri

Paul & Melissa Phillips, Butler, Missouri

Neal Quitno, Nevada, Missouri

Terry Ramsey, Nevada, Missouri

Kenneth Rook, San Diego, California

Susan Rotert, Appleton City, Missouri

Frank Simpson,Adrian, Missouri

Howard Simpson, Butler, Missouri

George Welling, Paradise, Kansas

Diana Williamson, Peculiar, Missouri

George Winburn, Independence, Missouri

Kay Wright, Butler, Missouri


Private Records

Adams Granite Company, Barre, Vermont – sales materials.

Barre Granite Association, Barre, Vermont – publications.

PatrickBrophy, Nevada, Missouri – family history records.

Carthage Marble Corporation, Carthage, Missouri – sales materials.

Cass County Historical Society, Harrisonville, Missouri – records.

The Dallett Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia – sales materials.

Granite City Tool Company, St. Cloud, Minnesota – catalog.

Carol Jones, Greenwood, Missouri – family history records.

Mrs. Emmett Kling, Butler, Missouri – Kling manuscript collection.

Kling Memorials/Butler Monument Company, Inc., Butler, Missouri – business records, photographs, tools.

Miles Supply Company, Elberton, Georgia – catalog.

Pleasant Hill Historical Society, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, photograph.

PowersMuseum, Carthage, Missouri – records.

Trow & Holden Company, Barre, Vermont – 1926 sales materials.

Vernon County Historical Society, Nevada, Missouri – records.

W.F. Norman, Corp., Nevada, Missouri – sales materials.

Diana Williamson, Peculiar Missouri, photograph.


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